Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pancakes & other busyness

Crazy day ahead.  It is 5:38 am and in about 3 minutes we are headed out the door to set up and then help run the Troop 707 annual pancake breakfast fundraiser from 7:30 - 10:30..  Bryan has a training/planning meeting for his teachers quorum that runs from 8 - 12.  (yes, he will be missing most of the pancake breakfast, but I’m taking him over to help set up)  The YM have two basketball games to play (stake YM basketball season right now and today is our double header)  we will make it to the 2nd one at noon.  I need to get music copied for the choir tomorrow.  I need to make some type of Chinese side dish or appetizer for the “chinese New Year” party at the Goodwins tonight at 6.  That is my day ahead.  Oh, and I should really clean my kitchen and do some laundry today too.   READY SET GO!