Tuesday, February 19, 2019

day 1... again

I went to bed right at 10pm, and got up by 5:15.  (woke up at 5, but had a minor 15 minutes battle with myself before I was victorious.  :)

I tried mixing up the order of what I’m doing in the morning.  I said my prayers, then I read 10 minutes from the Book of Mormon.  Then I read one of the chapters from this week's "Come Follow Me" assignment.  No real in depth study, just reading, but since my Book of Mormon reading has basically become non-existent since we started the come follow me, I felt I needed to remedy that.

I read through my affirmations once, then worked for a little while on my vision board.  Then I did my 2 duolingo lessons, and now I am writing.  Should have been an "own it" workout day, but Timpview is out of school, and for some reason (very unusual) Keyyan canceled the morning workout.  I’m not complaining…  I need to have the time to complete my stuff this morning.  I need to feel like I am back on the wagon 100%, not just sort of clinging to the back, trying to appear as if I am holding one.

Yesterday I had Bryan do another “GPS course” to finally pass off his geocache merit badge,  The counselor was willing to check it off based on the hunt that he designed back at Thanksgiving, but I wasn’t willing to count it.  It didn’t work at all!  Even yesterday, we had some glitches, but it worked better.  The Fair boys, plus Caleb Lehman came down and they attempted to follow the coordinates and find the clues.  The final coordinate brought them back here and we had a fire going and the got to roast hot dogs and s’mores.  Now I just need to set up a time to take him over to the counselor dude's house and  get the blue card signed.

It’s just about time to take Katrina to seminary…  and it’s back off to the races we go!

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