Saturday, February 9, 2019

all is well

Good news - I survived yesterday!  Hooray.

I was a bit cranky and irritable in the morning, but I tend to get that way when I have not had enough sleep (especially when it is some else’s fault that I didn’t get to sleep because they procrastinated a project.)  AND I get that way when I am feeling unprepared for things (this one was MY fault because I didn’t make Bryan pack on Wednesday, and I hadn’t pushed harder to get everything all done for stake conference.) So - yesterday morning was like a double whammy!

Here’s something from yesterday that was interesting to me.  I had two different impressions (at least two that I distinctly noticed) - One that I followed, and one that I didn’t.  (and I WISH I had followed both...)

The first was regarding the activity booklet I was creating for the choir.  I had finished printing out the pages for the booklet, but I wanted to size them down so they fit two to a page, double sided and could be folded into a book.  I know we have a feature on the copier at school that does this exact thing.  I had the impression that I should take the pages to work with me, get permission from the administration to make some personal copies on the work machine (paying for them myself) then I would have a working master copy that I could take to the copy store.  I did take the pages to work, but then I felt dumb and awkward, so I never asked for permission.  I just decided to go to a copy store and do it after school.  (Don't ask my WHY I felt that way - it's not like I was doing anything wrong in asking...  sometimes by brain just worries about silly things and invents issues out of NON issues!

So…  After school I brought the boys home and gave Bryan strict instructions to GET PACKED for the Klondike.  I ran down to a local sporting goods store and bought some wool socks for Caleb, mess kit bowls and mugs, and some hand (and toe) warmers for the boys.  Then I ran to Staples (in the same business complex) to buy a few things for the stake music library AND create my master copy of the booklet.  And guess what - they did not have (or were not aware of) the same feature that was on the school machine.  In order to make it work on their machine, I would have had to manually reduce the size of each one,  then cut them out, tape them together to make the pages I wanted, then run them through again.  I was super frustrated, thought about running to another copy store to see if they could do it... but instead I ended up just driving BACK over to the school and asking for permission to use their machine.  It was not a big deal or a problem at all, they charged me .50 for the copies…  and I had it done in 10 minutes or less.  (I still had to cut and tape together two pages to get them in the format and order I wanted…, but I knew ahead of time that I’d need to do that)

Then I ran to Smith’s and bought the boys some cans of soup for dinner and a few snacks, then picked up Katrina from School.

Got home about 3:30, ensured that Bryan was packed, and threw into his pack the new things I had purchased, and got the boys to the church at 3:55.  (i know, I was a little late, we were supposed to be there at 3:45…  but “shocker!” (not) there were still about 8 boys NOT there.  We unloaded the stuff onto the curb, then loaded it another van  few minutes later  when the parent volunteer driver showed up.  That is about the time Bryan realized he had forgotten his COAT!  So I drove him home to get that.

Now, I had PLANNED to drop them off at 3:45 - 4:00, then drive over to Orem for an acupuncture appointment.  (Trying that as a way to hopefully to get some relief & healing for my shoulder) It was at this point I had my second impression.  The copy place the stake likes me to make use is called Print-Mark.  I now had my masters to copy of both the booklets and the word sheet for the congregational hymns, and I planned to make the copies on either Friday night (post acupuncture) or Saturday.  I had the thought to check the operating hours.  (I am used to making my copies at Stevenson's, and they are open until 8pm and that includes Saturdays)  I checked online - and SURPRISE - Print-mark closed at 6pm and is NOT open on Saturday!  I raced over there and got my copies made - 1000 copies!  Good news is they did the booklets first so I was able to staple them while i waited for the others to print.  I ended up not getting to my acupuncture appointment until just after 5, but they were still able to fit me in.

I am SO grateful I listened to the prompting to check the hours of operation of the copy center - or I would have been out of luck today.  And I WISH I had listened to the prompting to make my master copy at school.  If I had, I would have gone straight to the copy center and dropped off my project(s) to be copied, THEN gone shopping for soup and winter gear, then could have picked up the copies on my way to my appointment AND I would have been on time for it.  Oh well - it all worked out just fine.

Today I did Bountiful Baskets this morning (just got home and I’m finishing this entry as I eat my breakfast - yummy homemade granola with fresh blackberries that i got in my basket this morning.   I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to do, and I need to do some cleaning of my house - it has been pretty neglected this week.  Then we have the adult session of conference tonight.  Should be a little bit easier of a day.

I hope the boys are doing well up on their camp out.  Right now the temperature in Payson (the city nearest to camp maple dell) is 24 degrees.  BRRRR!

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