Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'cause I'm a WOMAN

More like a WANNABE woman.

I was driving afternoon carpool pickup yesterday, and listening to Dr. Laura while I drove. (I can't get that station in my house, so the only time I can listen is when I do carpool in the afternoons, but I have learned SO much from listening to her for just those 10 - 15 minutes a day for the past 3 years.)

Anyway, I won't go in to the specifics of the question that her male caller had regarding his wife, but the answer hit me hard. Dr. Laura said, "the problem is, that you are married to a FEMALE, instead of a WOMAN." She clarified a bit more, and said that you can look in a crowd of people and you can easily pick out the FEMALES as opposed to the WOMEN.

Females are the angry, scowling, right on the edge and easily annoyed at everything, chip on shoulder, "men are oppressive," "what's in it for me" - kind of people.

Real WOMEN, on the other hand, are happy and find joy in their lives. Real WOMEN delight in caring for their husbands, children, and homes. Sounds a little bit like the Sister Beck conference talk on "Women who Know" huh? I admit, I'm a slow learner and need to hear the same lessons over and over, and through various sources.

When I heard this caller yesterday, it totally pointed out to me that I have been acting like a FEMALE, not a WOMAN. I was annoyed with the house, and the cooking, and the running around, and the kids, and the ....... (you name it...)

I determined to once again to find the "woman" within. I caught a glimpse of her last night, and the fact that I'm still thinking along the same vein this morning is promising. I want to be a "real" woman. A "woman who knows." A woman who loves and is loved. I don't want to settle for just being a female. I was sent to this earth to be SO much more than that.

So - all you females out there -
RISE UP and be WOMEN!!!!
(and feel free to remind me that I want to be a REAL woman, the next time you notice too much female-itis creeping into my blog...)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sick day/weekend report

Nothing exciting here - just an "I'm sick post." (laced with lots and lots of LDS lingo) so feel free to move on...

I stayed home from church today, keeping Bryan and Caleb with me. Yesterday I woke up with a horrible, awful, terrible, sore throat. (also stuffy nose and all over general body aches... but the sore throat was the worst) I knew there was no way I could do the singing in Primary, so I got a sub. I don't do that very often. I love my calling, and the prideful side of me is pretty possessive it, thinking that NO ONE else could do possibly my job as well as I do! (is that asking for a lightening bolt or WHAT???) Just to be clear here, I KNOW there are lots and lots of people in my ward with more sheer musical talent, but I think I am a pretty good mix of basic musical ability, fun (albeit quirky) disposition, and overall ability to keep the kids attention (the majority of the time))
ANYWAY - my pride notwithstanding, I got a sub and stayed home. I was really hoping for a 2 hour nap, but it was not meant to be. I finally got Caleb to sleep about 10 minutes before the rest of the family got home. Oh well, that's life.

Yesterday Tim decided it was "paint the playground" day. Since we bought a wooden set, the wood is supposed to be sealed once a year, preferably in the fall, to protect it from the elements. Tell me again - why did we buy a WOODEN SET??? Tim bought a couple paints that are supposed to protect for 3 - 5 years. We'll have to see how they live up to their claims. We painted for about 1 1/2 hours, then I got Aaron and Katrina and myself ready to go over to the church to see Aaron's two friends, TJ and Rebecca, be baptized. then we came home, changed back into painting attire and painted for several more hours. I WAS MISERABLE! (I probably made Tim miserable too, for that matter, what with all my wheezing, whining, and "poor sick me sighing.") Then at 4:30 I came in, showered and got dressed up again to go over to the general Relief Society broadcast. It was nice. I really enjoyed Sister Becks talk and for a brief moment, felt up to the challenge of "doing more." - then my stuffy head and overall feeling of exhaustion took over and I'm afraid I didn't get a whole lot out of the next two talks. (although I did get the message loud and clear that I need to be attending the temple on a more regular basis.)

I enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk. He is just a fun person to listen to. I rode over with my friend Holly, and on the way home she summed it up perfectly when she said after his talks she always feels better about herself. I agree. I think he often manages to hit perfectly that balance between encouraging me to do a little better and try a little harder, while making me feel that I am loved and accepted just as I am. Exactly WHAT he said (aside from that his wife is a great cook and all he can make is eggs and toast) is still rather a blur in my stuffy fuzzy head, but I took some notes, and hopefully they will make sense when I pull them back out to review.

I am totally excited for General Conference coming up this weekend. It is always such a wonderful spiritual boost for me. (was even more so when I could actually sit and listen and HEAR what they were saying - it's a bit trickier with children, but still WONDERFUL!!!

I think that's about it. I am tired. I'm hoping for a good night's sleep tonight, but Caleb has a cold, and I think he is finally going to cut some teeth - so he's not sleeping well (what's new eh?) and a little extra crabby. I think I just heard Tim come home (from a home teaching appt) I know he's supposed to be going out soon to collect fast offerings, then has another home teaching appt at 8:00. I'm thinking if I want to see my husband today, I'd better go up and visit with him now.

thanks for listening. blah blah blah....

Friday, September 26, 2008

funny kids...

a couple funny things from my day today...

At a nearby park this afternoon (complete with small pond, boardwalk, and wetlands area); Bryan kept saying, "be careful mom. be careful mom." I asked, "be careful of what?"
"Be careful mom, you might bump into a whale shark." Silly me. now why didn't I think of that??? For the next 5 minutes or so, he was completely obsessed about the whale sharks that he was certain were lurking under every bunch of moss, bridge, bush, and tree.
He just couldn't accept my reassurances that there were NO WHALE SHARKS!!!

I was just sitting here bemoaning the fact that I worked SO hard yesterday to clean up the kitchen. Believe me, I worked SO SO SO hard! Aaron wondered what was wrong and I told him, "I worked so hard yesterday to get the whole kitchen clean, and now it is such a mess again. I just don't know what to do." With all the wisdom, logic, and simplicity of a child, he looked at me and said, "well, that's easy. You go clean it up."
OF COURSE!!! that's the answer I have been trying to put my finger on all day long...

I know there were a couple more funny things that I wanted to share, but they have apparently buried themselves somewhere deep in the vast recesses of my mind, perhaps never to be heard of again - so you have all been spared!

I supposed that now I should get my little backside into the kitchen and CLEAN IT UP!. (while keeping an eye out for rouge whale sharks, of course.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

family is all there is - part 2

As promised - a few photos-

Tim showed me how to find the pictures I was looking for. Here is a picture of Mike and Rachael (taken in 1995)

The next photo is of my family (as of 95) we have since then added 4 more grandkids to the total. I was only 3 weeks away from delivering Bryan when this picture was taken, but we couldn't really postpone it, since we scheduled the photos for the time when my brother Matt and his family were here visiting. (they live in Japan)

and last but not least, is my very own little family that I love. This is just a picture we took when we went to the zoo earlier this month. (another "make up post" that you can be looking forward to.)

That's all folks - remember. FAMILY is what it's all about! If you don't currently have a loving family that you can enjoy being a part of - I suggest that you go out and "adopt one." (not necessarily talking about official adoption either... There is probably someone nearby who needs you as much as you need them....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family is all there is...

I've been MIA in blog world this month, but it's not because good things haven't been happening - I've just been to busy/lazy/tired to get them posted. It's time for some make up posts.

On Sept 12, My eldest brother Mike and his wife Rachael were sealed in the Mt Timpanogos Temple. It was a GREAT DAY!!! I was so happy for them both. They have been working toward this day for a while, and it was so great to be able to be there with them. Mike looked so incredibly happy. You could just see the "happy vibes" shooting out from his countenance. It was wonderful.

In the sealing room, I was sitting next to my aunt Karen. Now, most of you don't know my aunt Karen so her name means nothing to you, but let me tell you this -- everyone NEEDS someone like my aunt Karen in their life. She is just such an amazing person. I have always had so much love and respect for her. She is a wonderful example to me in so many ways.
While we were waiting for Mike and Rach to come into the room, I was talking quietly to Karen. I told her how Rachael's grandparents weren't sure they were going to be able to make it, since they live in Salt Lake, but they don't drive anymore. I had told Rachael, "call aunt Karen. I'm sure she's coming. She has never missed an important family event. She's been at every wedding, sealing, mission farewell, etc... She'll be there." Karen just smiled and said "FAMILY IS ALL THERE IS. it's all that matters."

What a simple yet true statement. Family is all there is. Not all families all look the same, and not everyone has the opportunity in this life for the "traditional family" (ie mom dad and little kiddos) but the truth remains that when all is said and done, the only things we can take with us when this life is over are:
1) the knowledge we have gained and
2) the relationships we've built. (family and friends)

I am thankful for my sweet family. I am married to a very good man, and we have 4 terrific children. I am trying to ENJOY them more and more on a daily basis. I have parents who continue to teach and guide, and I have 5 brothers and 1 sister, each of whom teaches me and blesses my life in so many ways. Add into the mix in-laws, nieces and nephews, and a vast array of aunts, uncles, cousins etc... and there is no question that I am very RICHLY blessed when it come to family. I am also thankful for my good friends.

Life is good. I am blessed.

ps - I have a photo of mike and rachael that was taken a couple years back, but I can't find it right now. I'll look again later on the computer downstairs and if I find it - i'll get it posted.

Monday, September 22, 2008

When did I become one of the OLD people???

There is a song from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" that is pertinent for me today. It is the scene where the parents are watching their daughter getting married and they are marveling at how quickly the time has flown by. Part of the song says,

"I don't remember growing older, when did they..." (everyone together now... Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset, swiftly fly the years.... are you humming along yet)

ok, enough singing - back to the post - Today as I was driving home from completing my carpool duties, I saw a couple of the neighborhood young women hanging out in front of my neighbor's house (the neighbor has a couple teenage boys...) I had to pull over and harass the girls a bit. Almost immediately, one of the girls says, "don't mind the way I look, I don't usually dress like this. It was dress like the 80's day at school today." Um, HELLO!!!! I was in high school during the 80's. (no wonder I didn't even notice anything amiss in her appearance, I thought she looked really cute!) Does that date me OR WHAT.!!??!! I remember when I was in high school and we had "dress like the 50's days" - and we thought it was so fun to dress up like the OLD people did back in the OLD days when THEY went to school. I don't think I ever figured I'd be on the OLD side of that picture... Where did the time go?

My dad used to sing a song... I don't know who sang it, or even the name of the song (although I think the name of the song is the same as the only line of the song I know...) and I don't care enough to take the time to look it up, but it may have to become my new theme song. It says, "I'm much too young to feel this dang old." (a slight change of wording, since I'm a bit of prude when it come to swearing...)

Well - that's it for tonight. this OLD woman has to get some sleep and it's past my bedtime!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feeling Pickled???? blog give away

I am hoping to win a prize in Pike's Pickles week long blog give away. I get an extra entry if I tell you all here about it. (yes, all 10 of my "faithful readers.") Pop on over and register to win. BUT DON"T WIN THE ONE I WANT! just teasing - if you win, just let me read the books when you are done.

hanging in there

hey all - you are so good to me. I am hanging in. JEN - I'd love the name of the energy worker you see (or her recommendation for someone down here in happy valley:) Melissa - the book "feelings buried alive never die" is one of the ones that was recommended to me. I put in a request for it at the library and I'm waiting for it to come back in.

Last Saturday I had a great time going out to the movies with some friends. I haven't been to a movie in a Movie theatre since Aaron was a baby - yup, 8 years ago! My college and post mission buddy Mercy had some up for the weekend, and her sister Harmony set it all up. We saw the movie Errand of Angels and went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream afterwards. YUM YUM! The movie? It was just as "too loud"as I remember, and the plot was pretty slow paced and predictable, but since all 4 of us were returned missionaries, we laughed at many of the things that were "so true." It was a nice break from the kids, and it was wonderful to see and visit with Mercy again. It has been a LONG LONG time. TOO LONG. Let me tell you about Mercy. (now, I know as her sister, Harmony might have a different description, but this is my blog and my point of view, so that what you get - so there.) Mercy is the perfect blend of fun spontaneity and responsibility. She is someone you can totally count on to follow through and do whatever she has committed to do. At the same time, she is so much fun! Upbeat and enthusiastic about everything. She was a breathe of fresh air! (i have a picture to post, but I'll have to do it tomorrow because it is on the computer downstairs and I am just too lazy to go ALL the way down there. whine whine...)

Harm's friend Stacy came too, and let me tell you - she is a riot! I went to check out her blog the next day, and while I meant to just pop in and check it out, I spent over an hour reading and laughing right out loud. If you are in the mood for a laugh - go check her out.

Lets see - what else has been going on??? Katrina was sick (103 fever) last night, but seems fine today. Aaron has a 103.4 fever tonight. wonder what's going on... hoping Caleb doesn't get it.

Caleb isn't sleeping well lately. My best guess is that he gets hungry and wakes up. I feel like my milk is starting to slow down, but he won't take a bottle, so I don't know what to do for him. SO - I nurse him about every 2 hours all night! (yes, it makes me really tired and crabby.)

Took the van into the shop on Tuesday and it still isn't done. I still have a vehicle, since we have the truck, but it is such a pain to get kids in and out of the truck - I am ready to have my van back. Hopefully tomorrow.

I have been trying really hard to eat well this past week. Sprouts, salads, spinach, whole grains, more balanced meals in general, and less sugar. I might feel better - but with the added stress of sick kids and decreased sleep - it is too hard to tell for sure if I feel better or not.
We were rewarding the kids with "treats" when they did good things, but neither of us felt really good about that, but couldn't figure out anything better. We are now doing "beads." They each have a strand that they are collecting bead on, and when they fill it up, they get a Prize (like chuck-e-cheese or swimming or bowling) So far they are loving it - and it is good for me because I look for things all throughout the day that I can reward, which I wasn't doing before because I didn't want them to have more sugar.

Monday we went to the zoo and had a great time as a family. I'll post a bunch of pictures, but this post is already too long, so I'll make it another post. LATER -