Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Where oh where has the school year gone???

I was just adding a few more "end of year" things to my google calendar (that is filling up fast) and I was honestly SHOCKED to see that the kids only have 7 days of school left????  Where has the time gone?  I'm not ready for summer, but I guess I'd better hurry and GET ready.  (planning out summer job charts, family fun time, daily routines, etc...)  Yes, I realize that if my past track record holds true, the amazing summer schedules I come up with will only be followed for a short time, because I usually get tired of enforcing them, but who knows, maybe this year will be different.

I've got the two older children signed up for summer swim team.  We have our family pass to the new and fabulous rec center...  We have a family vacation to Montana in the beginning planning stages, and Tim and I will be going on our cruise to Alaska.  Tim will be taking the 11 year old scouts on a camp out or two, Aaron will have some weekend camp-outs plus a week long camp, plus maybe youth conference (not sure if they are going with the 12 - 18 ages  or the 14 - 18yr olds....)  Aaron is also working on his hiking merit badge right now, in which he must do 5, 10 mile hikes, plus a twenty miler.  To date he has completed two of his 10 milers.

It should be a busy fun summer, and I expect in just a few months I will be sitting here, in shock again, wondering where my summer went and how it can possibly be time to go back to school...    

Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day poem

Katrina wrote this poem for me for Mother's Day.  (types just as she typed it)

MOTHERS by Katrina Mellor for my mom

Mothers are special in all that they do - 
they cook and they clean and they buy us new shoes
Mothers they love us in rain and in shine - 
they're loving and pretty and always kind
Mothers smell like roses and sweets
like lilacs and lilies and candy treats