Friday, February 27, 2009

that's just WRONG...

can someone please explain this to me?

Last night, I actually got to SLEEP. ALL NIGHT! I fell asleep around 11pm and slept until Aaron woke me up just before 7. That's like 8 hours. I should be bounding with energy... so why is it that I can hardly keep my eyes open? That is so totally messed up. (I think it's because when my body actually gets sleep, it thinks "oh man, this is great. gimme more gimme more gimme more!!!")

Go figure.

Other good news - I FINALLY got my kitchen clean yesterday. This week has been just really crazy, and the housework has suffered. It took about 3 hours, but I DID get it done.

Today I need to catch up on laundry and pick up the rest of the house. I usually do the Flylady "a load a day keeps Mt. Washmore away" thing, and it works pretty well at keeping the laundry monster at bay, but again, I've let it slip a bit so today I get to play catch up...

I suppose I'd best get off the computer and get back to work. Ya'll have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My little Daniel Boone...

Okay, so did anyone out there actually think I'd be able to sleep with this costume thing hanging over my head? NO WAY!!! After posting that picture of Daniel Boone, I looked closely at the shirt thing he had on, and I thought, "how hard could it be..."
So 11:30 pm found me at the local Walmart buying some brown material. (you most likely couldn't care less, but I feel compelled to tell you that this was the first time I've been in a Walmart for about 3 years. Bryan was a new baby the last time I went. I have "personal issues" with Walmart and I don't shop there, but there was nowhere else that was local, open, and likely to have brown material - so I bit the bullet and went...)

Anyway, back to the story. I don't really know how to sew, but I did a simple poncho style type thing - tracing one of his shirts to get the general size, and I thought the finished product turned out pretty well. My thoughts were confirmed when Aaron woke up the next morning and tried it on. He was really pleased with it and felt super confident when he did his report. He liked it well enough, that after school he put it back on on, wore it scouts, and wore it all evening. I was a little tired after staying up to make it, but it was worth it. (the arm fringes don't really show in either picture, but rest assured that he was fringed pretty much everywhere it was possible to be fringed.)

I did my volunteer time, and then since his report was scheduled for right after lunch, I made arraignments to eat lunch with him. He thought it was so cool that I ate in the lunch room with him. I figured I'd go in and help his teacher with stuff while he played during lunch recess. NOPE, he wanted me to play with him, so I went out and played with him and his friends. We played "dead cow" (don't ask, I still don't really get it, it's like a strange version of tag)"Mother, May I," and had cartwheel contests. (I was the worst cartwheel-er; they all thought it was hilarious) It was a lot of time out of my day, plus the cost of paying for a babysitter for the other kids, but it was worth it to see Aaron feel so important. He loved having me there. He asked me, "can you do this every week?"

The video below is him doing his report. Of course I forgot to take the camera to school, so he agreed to do the report again at home so I could record it. (he did it lots more smoothly at school, but he was trying to do it without holding his paper in this video, so it was harder for him to read it...)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Who spit in her bean curd?

I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm guessing this is the question my family is asking themselves about me today.

I'm thinking it's a combination of a lot of things - sick kids (caleb and bryan were both up last night hacking and booger nosed and they took turns tossing and turning in our bed, and today Caleb was a bear, fussing unless he was being held...) now my throat is starting to hurt..., Aaron has his oral book report tomorrow - 50% of which is graded on the costume he wears to look like the person (and as of right now, 10:31 pm, he has NO costume at all...) and to top it all off...I think I've got some major PMS going on here.

Any which way you look at it - I was not a happy camper tonight, and you know what they say - "if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy!" I should probably be staying up to work out some sort of costume, but I was pretty much done with today about 5 hours ago, so I'm going to go to bed instead, and hope that something inspirational comes to mind in the morning. Hey - if anyone in the local area happens to have any Daniel Boone'ish looking outfits that you can get to me (or I can get from you) by noon, let me know! I'd be ever so grateful, and so would Aaron's grade.

Good night!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

quote for the day

Hey all -

I was on my way to choir practice when I heard a quote I liked. I don't know who it was, or any details, but this is what he said:

"If 'living your religion' is taking all the fun and joy out of your life; you're not doing it right."

I really like that. After all, "Men are that they might have joy." I'm going to sign off here and go have some JOYFUL (sabbath appropriate) FUN with my cute little family.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're going to DISNEYLAND!!!

Just in case you thought I was just messin' with you ... KOSY posted our (blurry but still fun) "winner's" picture, and here it is!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have discovered the WONDER DRUG!!!


Last week I
actually had a night where I got 6 1/2 hours uninterrupted sleep. It was so amazing. The next day I had more energy, more patience, got more cleaning done... it was wonderful!

last night? No such luck - it was one of my worst in recent history. I got to bed by 11:00, but couldn't seem to get warm and just couldn't fall asleep. It was probably just as well, since Caleb woke up at 11:40 and refused to go back to sleep. Finally at 2:15 I gave up trying and just took him down to my bed with me, figuring he'd stop fighting it if he was snuggling with me. He still tossed and turned and did one major headbutt on poor Tim (when I apparently was drifting off and not paying much attention-sorry Tim) but he did finally fall asleep. What it means for me, is that I definitely didn't get my wonder drug last night. Wish me luck today - I may need it.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Everyone once in a while something happens that gives me hope that Tim and I are doing an okay job in this whole parenting thing. Tonight at Family Home Evening I had one of those moments. As you who have read my blog for a while know - FHE isn't usually a real spiritual feast at our house. It is more of a "sit down," "please keep your hands and feet to yourself," "Listen to the lesson," You can't have a FHE treat if you are not reverent," - kind of adventure on the parental end; and a "are we done yet?" "this is boring," I already know all this," "She put her foot on me me," "he did it first," - is the kids version.

So tonight, after a humorous pre-FHE, where Aaron and Katrina both had to put on their "reverent pajamas, and Aaron got ready with the timer, so he could "time how long I am reverent." We started. It was quite amazing. Aaron and Katrina were really focused and fully participating, with really insightful and good answers, and Bryan had his best FHE ever. (He still kinda started to lose focus at the end, but he still gets major KUDOS for doing as well as he did.)

At one point in the lesson, Aaron got emotional again and said, "mom, I'm feeling the spirit again." That's twice now - he's feeling pretty good about that. it's pretty cute. He said our family prayer tonight and he said, "please bless that Trina and Bryan will someday be able to feel the spirit like me."

There's hope! Maybe I haven't totally ruined him yet!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stake Conference - on Valentines day

Since this blog serves as a journal of sorts (minus the super personal stuff, of course) I'm going to jot down some notes from tonight's session of stake conference. (feel free to skip, I won't be offended)

Our Stake President (whose name I can't spell, so I won't try...) didn't have an actual talk, he just shared a simple and direct testimony to encourage us to follow prophetic counsel to "reduce and simplify." To chose wisely in the activities we chose to participate in, paying particular attention to what is "Good, Better, and Best" (as spoken of by Elder Oaks) He also reminded us of what President Hinckley said about trains/life, about how we can be just few inches off at the beginning of the journey, but we are miles and miles from our intended destination at the end of the journey.
*personal application* Pretty straightforward. I need to recheck my priorities and the choices I make on a daily basis; to make sure they are the best choices I could be making and that they are keeping me "on track" as far as my eternal destination.

President Brayton spoke on strengthening our families. He shared a talk given by Elder Hales. One quote I loved was "No matter how evil the world around us becomes, we can be at peace in our families." (for as often as I tend to let myself get worked up about things going on in the world, this was a quote I need to focus on remembering and more importantly, work on creating such an environment in our home for our family.)
1) Hold family counsels (both as an entire family and with individual members of the family)
2) Leave the door to our hearts open (remember prodigal son)
3) Liken the scriptures to our lives (and teach children to do the same)
4) Take advantage of everyday teaching moments
5) Trust the Good Shepherd

P. Brayton also shared the story that I won't go into detail here since it's going to be a long post anyway... but the effect of the story for me was that it made me really want to focus more on living my life each day, as if it might be my last. That I need to be prepared in all things, and spend the majority of my time and energies on the relationships that matter most.

The next talk was given by a sweet sister from the Spanish ward in our stake. She has been a member of the church for about 2 years. She was so nervous. This was her "first talk EVER" in English, and she said she prayed that the universal language of the spirit would carry her message. It certainly did. She wasn't well versed in gospel topics, she wasn't a scriptorian, she wasn't any super amazing whatever... but she had such an amazing spirit about her. She had such faith and love. It just seemed to radiate from her. She said something about her story being nothing super special, but it was a story of love.

The visiting general authority was Elder Ronald Stone of the Seventy, and he was really pleasant and engaging to listen to. He took the line from the Spanish sister (sorry, I didn't catch her name) about a story of love, and he used the scripture "God is Love," and he went from there. He mentioned that his daughter said it was horrible that the church would allow a stake conference meeting on the night of valentines day, but as he spoke of God being a God of Love, and Pres. Brayton spoke of families, I was definitely feeling the love of my Heavenly Father, and I was thinking that maybe that meeting of stake conference was the best place that any couple could be on Valentines Day...
Anyway, Elder Stone talked about how we often tend to think that if we are well versed in the "jargon" of something, we think are competent in that area. He said he has found that he (and I certainly have fallen into this myself) has had times when he felt super competent and confident in his church membership/callings/etc, because he knows his scriptures, knows Hebrew, has multiple degrees, can definitely speak the church "jargon," yet he found that even with all his apparent competence, he was learning from people who had little if any of his outward knowledge, yet they KNEW the power of faith. They KNEW the power of prayer. They KNEW so personally the love of God and saw daily the hand of God in their lives. (please note that I am using my own words and interpretation of what he said, not the exact wording)

He talked about how in the book of Alma it says that at some point in the 1st estate we were all on the same ground (he didn't give the reference, and I can't find it right off, but I'll be looking for it) and then quoted D&C 76 (again, he didn't give the reference, but this one I was able to easily find) where it speaks how in the celestial kingdom "He makes them equal in power, and in might, and in dominion." (verse 96)
All shall be make EQUAL. Then he asked the question; if we were the "same" before we came, and we can be "equal" after, why are we so different here? He proposed this:

"WHAT IF...the whole point of life is to learn to look past all these differences, to see the person that God can make glorious and equal?"

He reminded us that a few verses later in section 76: 109-111 it tells of the Telestial world, where "every man shall receive according to his own works, his own dominion, in the mansions which are prepared." He pointed out that if we cannot learn to look past the difference, don't worry about it, God has prepared a place where we can hang on to differences. We just can't live in the presence of God. We can continue to think that we are better than A,B, & C, and feel regret that we are still worse than X,Y, and Z. (this last sentence, the abc-xyz thing is my own application.)
I just think about how I seem to have to have a "box" to put everyone in - and their "box" is almost always a comparison to where I think I am. For example, we go walking at night and all too often I find that instead of just being grateful that I am there, I find myself looking at the other people walking and putting them into the "oh man, I sure wish I looked like her" (or had those thighs) category, or else in the "well at least I'm not that bad off..." Why can't I just be grateful for what I am, focus on what I need to do to take care of me, and stop judging my own progress in comparison to everyone else.
Another example. Whenever I think I am being a crummy wife or horrible housekeeper, I think of a person who I think is "worse" than I am. I use this to justify MY poor behavior, thinking that "at least I'm not as _________ (fill in the blank) as she is." WHO CARES????? Heavenly Father is NOT going to ask me at the judgment how I did in comparison with someone else. He is going to ask me if I did the best I could , withing the circumstances I was given. This is a lesson I really needed to be reminded of, and I really really really want to learn to look past the differences in others.

One last thought, since this has already gone on too long, but that's what you get for 'peeping' in my journal;)

Elder Stone said that once he was at a Stake Conference, traveling with one of the Senior Apostles (didn't say which one) and in this persons talk, he paused for a moment then said, "for some of you here, I expect that when you stand before the Lord at the judgment, he will ask you only one question, 'Did you learn to love?'"
I want to be able to answer that with a solid and resounding YES. I try to do a lot of service. I try to help people out. But I really need to focus on looking past difference and loving people for the child of God that they are. It was a great meeting for me. I am grateful to have been there. It has re focused my attention of some things I need to improve on. Now I just need to DO IT!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

nature girl...

Have you ever wondered what people really think of you? Well, I may have gotten a glimpse -

My friend Holly is the YW camp director for our ward and they had a camp certification activity last night. On Monday she had a meeting with Ari, the Youth Camp Leader, to plan the certification classes for the Wed. night activity. They needed someone to teach the class on "Sanitation." Ari thought for a few moments, then suggested my name.

I didn't think much about it, until I started teaching my presentation to the second group of girls and when I said, "I'm here to teach you all about how to get rid of your camp garbage and how to properly go poop while hiking."
Sheldon started laughing (which actually was the goal, I wanted them to feel as comfortable as possible while discussing such 'fun' topics) and she said, "oh man! I can't believe they asked you to teach that! It's like, what?? they were sitting around wondering who would be able to teach how to go poop in the woods and they thought, "Hey, Sister M- could do that!!!"
I just laughed and said, "what can I say, I'm at one with nature..." then went on with my presentation. it all went well, and if you ask the girls this morning, they can all tell you 4 ways to purify water for drinking, how to properly dispose of garbage at camp and while hiking, how to dispose of dirty camp water, and that you should be 200 feet away from any known water source before digging a hole and taking care of personal "business."
After they had completed the four certification classes, I taught them a couple new songs to sing at camp. It was fun. We have such an amazing group of young women right now in our ward. It would be a great time to serve in the Young Woman's organization. I served as 1st counselor in YW's about 6 years ago, and it wasn't so much fun. We had a really challenging group of girls and it was one big drama-fest after another. I can certainly testify of the importance of a strong and stable home environment. Back then, the majority of our girls came from broken homes, abusive or neglectful situations, and had serious issues. We worked hard, loved much, and did our best, but it was really really tough! The girls here now are good and strong. They are kind to one another. They are unified as a group, and love and care for one another. It is just delightful to be around them. I was saying - now I know what people think of when they think of me - "poopin' in the outdoors and garbage disposal"

How about you?

* as an after thought, I thought I should add that while I may sound like I am offended, I am actually flattered that the young women (Ari, in particular) thought of me and thought I would 1) be knowledgeable about camping issues, 2) would be willing to teach the certification and 3) would be able to make it both educational and fun for the girls... All in all I'm more than happy to be the silly/singing/poopy/trash lady...

Friday, February 6, 2009

maybe today??

Well, I didn't hit my perfect 10 day yesterday, in fact, I only got to 6. Oh well, it was a pretty good day anyway. Maybe I'll get closer today. (I can't hit the 10 mark today since I didn't get up on time, but I'm aiming for higher than a 6...)

I know most of you aren't really that concerned about how well I score on my daily goals, but it is important to you get to hear about it.

On a far more serious note - is this economic situation scary or what? We got a call last night from a family Tim home teaches. In a strange and horrible coincidence, the father lost his job on Wed, and then the mother was laid off the very next day! How awful! I cannot even imagine. They have 3 little girls.
Then when we went walking I found out that another neighbor friend of mine (who is going to start walking with us twice a week) is facing a similar situation. Apparently her husband was laid off (the whole company went under) right before Christmas. They have money and food storage to last through about March... At first he was getting lots of interviews, but now NOTHING. He applied for one job recently and the hiring guy there told him that they had over 100 applicants for the single position.
Unfortunately I fear that things are gong to get much worse before they get better. I am just amazed at how many people I know personally who are being hit really hard right now. While we were walking last night, Holly said that the scripture about "wasting the days of your probation" kept coming to mind. I know I have not prepared as much as I shoulda woulda coulda, but I hope it will be sufficient.

I also hope I have enough faith to share what I have with those who have not.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

GO ME!!! (and Holly too)

Remember how I said that Holly and I were walking, and that we would probably be bumping things up soon? Well, we did. For the past couple walks, we went 3 miles total distance and ran 4 of the laps. (more like a trot/jog) We average 15 minute miles (3 minute walking laps, 2 minute jogging laps)

THEN - last night we took along another neighbor who recently had knee surgery and wants to start walking regularly (slowly) to regain more motion. We didn't want her to spend the whole time alone - on her first night, so we tried something new (and challenging). While one of us walked at the slower pace with Veronica, the other jogged around the track until she caught back up with the walkers. It took about 2 jogging laps to catch up with the walkers.

SO - be impressed - we aren't exactly certain the total distance we went since it threw off our counting, but Holly and I each ran 6 laps total, and we did them in sets of two. This may not sound like much to you - but I am SUPER pleased with myself! I thought I was still at least a month away from being able to run back to back laps.

Will we do it again tonight? Don't know. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

I'm still feeling the "GO ME rush," so I think I'm going to get focused and try to have a perfect 10 day. (referring to my "joe's goals" chart there on the the side.) Wish me luck... here I GO!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Q - What is better that a trip to Disneyland?

A - A trip to Disneyland that someone else pays for!!!

Local radio station KOSY 106.5 just had a month long contest in which they gave away 20 trips to Disneyland. My kids have never been to Disneyland, and we have been toying with the idea of going, but it is so blasted expensive, we thought we should probably wait another year or two until Caleb is old enough to at least do something other than sit in the stroller all day long. To make a long story short - WE WON!!! SWEET eh? And to make it an even sweeter deal, our good friends Aaron and Holly also won a trip, and we'll be going with them! We are SO totally excited! The kids are excited beyond words. I don't know yet exactly when we'll be able to go, we have to wait to get our scheduling/information packet thing, then request the dates we want, etc.... but......... WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!