Sunday, August 12, 2018

four years later....

(written 8/12/2018) Last Sunday Katrina was teaching the lesson for her Sunday School class about the importance of keeping journal.  She took as visual aides our family history books (Allred & Christensen), the binder of letters exchanged between Jens & Lavina (while Jens was on his mission)  plus she took the blog book I had printed out back when I was blogging regularly  (the year Caleb was born, 2007)  It was SO much fun to go back through that book and read the posts.  Yes, some were lame and boring, but some were quite funny.  Many were things that I hadn't remembered at all but LOVED reading.  My kids have had a ball all week reading posts from that book.  It really made me regret the fact that I stopped writing.

Katrina told me during the week - Mom - you need to start blogging again.  Now really, blogging is out of "vogue" - i will no longer have the benefit of people reading and commenting on my blog - which is a big form of external validation for me - (one of my weaknesses is my need for external validation)  But I am going to give it a try.

I don't have a lot of time right now - but let's be honest, that is the story of my life - I never have lots of time!  I;m not even sure really where to begin.  For a little while I did keep a journal of sorts.  I was trying to be better about writing letters to the missionaries I knew, and so each week I would write a long missive about my week, (basically a long winded journal entry) then I would mail it off as a missionary letter.  The benefit to that was that 1) I was keeping a journal of my week's events  and 2) because I was writing it to send to missionaries, I focused more on the hand of God in my life and my daily events.  It was good for me.  Not sure exactly that the missionaries thought of my lengthy weekly updates, but it was good for me.  Maybe I will go through those and post them in here - then it won't be quite as big of a gap and will fill in a few holes here and there :)  It will be funny - because if I do that, I will just date them for when I wrote them, so you will read all those - and then read this one and they will be out of order.  Then again - I can just pull a "words of Mormon" kind of thing, and insert this post BEFORE those - that is probably what I will do. 

For now - I am dressed and ready to go to church.  headed to listen to a friend of Aaron speak in church before leaving on his mission, then back to our ward at 1 to sing with the choir, then I am subbing in primary - doing the music.  Then tonight we have stake women's choir (preparing for upcoming stake conference)  All in all - should be a fun, busy, music filled, Sabbath Day