Sunday, February 10, 2019

I know that the Sabbath is the "day of rest"... but mine was TODAY!

Ahhhh, yesterday was nice.  I meant to be a little more productive than I was, but oh man, it felt SO good to not be running a million miles an hour!.  Tim & Katrina had both gotten up and done “Saturday jobs” before I even got home from Bountiful baskets, so where I expected to have a lot of housework to do, they had already done the majority of the surface clean up.  I ended up cleaning the downstairs hall and laundry room, and doing 4 or 5 loads of laundry throughout the day, but while waiting to move loads from washer to dryer, and then folding them, I laid in my bed and read a book.  It has been a while since I’ve taken the time for that!  I mean , I LISTENED to The Miracle Morning a few times in a row, and I’ve been reading things related to my gospel study, but really, I haven’t just relaxed and read a book for  while.  (I did buy myself a Mary Higgins Clark book for Christmas, and I took a day to read that - that was my last time…)

We went to the adult session of conference last night and it was good.  The first couple speakers went way over their allotted times, so the last 4 really trimmed down what they had to say - but it was good.  No super powerful take-aways for me, but the reminder to focus on Christ and let him heal me, carry me, etc, as opposed to trying to do things on my own - and the importance of Ministering - we don’t have to know the right words to say, or have all the answers, we just have to BE there with love, the Lord will work WITH us accomplish his ends.  He just needs us to allow him to work through us.  I need to step up my game in this area.  I have a new “youth companion” and so far I have not been a great mentor or teacher for her.  I need to fix that.

After conference we went to the Spadafora’s for banana splits.  Jenny is SO good at creating environments of happy fellowship.  An eclectic group of people, all chatting and having a good time.  Conversations going every which way, yet everyone feeling welcome and accepted.  It is a gift she has. 
This morning at 9 I will be going to hear Ethan Mugleston speak in church prior to leaving to serve a mission in New Zealand.  I need to get dinner started in the crockpot before then…   Then I’ll try to make sure I have all my ducks in a row for the family choir “stuff”  (like sharpening 60 pencils….)  Then we need to be at the multi-stake building by noon.  (trying to organize and arrange all those families in the choir loft if going to be an interesting game of tetris!  (the goal is to keep family groups together - without getting little children buried behind big people…) I am  praying everything goes well and that the music is well received and helps bring the spirit into the meeting.  I’ll be honest - I will be glad when this particular conference is DONE!  It has been more stressful than the others, simply because of the last minute nature of it all.