Monday, February 4, 2019

Cooking pancakes with Faith, instead of electricity

Well, I woke up at 5, and then fell back asleep.  But my body was good amd re-woke me at at 5:20 and I jumped out of bed that time!  Yesterday was a good day.  Went to our ward, then practice the song with the 14th ward girls (and 2 of their leaders) then ran my kids home.  Went back to church and attended the 14th ward meeting and sang with them.  They were sounding good and I don’t really think they “needed” me, but the girls were persistent that they wanted me to sing with them, so I did.  (and I only felt slightly awkward :) 

After that meeting, I came home and had several hour to fill before stake choir.  I know I had lots of things I could have done, but I decided to bake a whole bunch of cookies to take to the family choir.  It is no easy thing to bring a family with children to a rehearsal each week - so this was their “reward.”  It was a lot of baking, but I felt they were well received and appreciated.  Next week is conference and this particular choir adventure will be completed.   It is coming together.  There are a few things i would change if we could, but at this point I am trusting the the Lord to make it what it needs to be.

Caleb shared his testimony in Sacrament meeting yesterday about his first experience in the temple.  It was very sweet.  It was also his first time passing the sacrament.  He did great.   I also shared my testimony.  I related the experience we had at the pancake breakfast with the lack of power, then miracle  of it coming back on.  I know I shared this story yesterday, but here is the way I wrote it out in the letter I sent out to the missionaries last night: 

We were holding the fundraiser at Wasatch Elementary which is a really old school in need of being rebuilt.  We got everything set up for the breakfast, then 20 minutes before people were supposed to start arriving, we turned on the griddles to start cooking the food.  The old wiring and electrical system could not handle it.  Just when a griddle would start to get hot enough to do anything, it would flip the circuit breaker and we would lose all power.  We tried new power strips, different plugs, different extension cords, everything - nothing was working.  the sweet custodian was doing everything she could to get things working, but time after time, we'd lose power again.
Finally at about 7:25, we did what we should have done earlier - we gathered the boys together, explained what was happening, and told them that we needed to pray in faith and ask Heavenly Father to help us.  Caleb volunteered to say the prayer, and with all the faith of 11 - 12 year old boys, they prayed.  As soon as we said Amen, we checked the griddles and they all had power.  We did not have any more trouble for the rest of the event.  We were able to run everything we needed to feed the people that came.  Bryan came up and talked to me, saying "I read a story this week in the Ensign about a family that didn't have enough money to pay for oil to put in their furnace, but they paid their tithing anyway, and their furnace kept working.  They said that their furnace ran on FAITH instead of OIL.  I think the griddles are running on FAITH instead of Electricity."
I shared this experience in testimony meeting today.  I related how I had said my personal morning prayers before we left for the breakfast - and I had prayed that everything would run smoothly...  I guarantee that Sister Oldryod (the troop leader) prayed for the same before she left her home that morning and probably every other parent there... Why didn't those prayers work?  Why did we have such a crazy power crisis?  I believe it is because Heavenly Father wanted 8 young men to have a personal experience in which they were part of asking God for a miracle and seeing it come to pass.  I believe he wants them to know that they can call on the POWER of GOD in all circumstances. 

After the breakfast was over and we were all cleaned up and about ready to go home, we gathered the boys up again and one of them volunteered to be voice as we said a prayer of gratitude.  It was a witness to me that you can being doing everything right, and things can still go wrong. - but are they really "Wrong?"  Or are they just opportunities to learn and grow and strengthen our faith and testimonies?  (that's a hypothetical question, pretty sure we all agree on the answer to that one, even it we don't LIKE that answer when it is US in the middle of a "growing experience.)

Well - I have another full week ahead of me - but I’ve totally GOT  THIS!