Wednesday, February 6, 2019

district science fair

Well, apparently I never completed yesterday’s journal entry.  I started writing, but then had to leave to go to my workout - and I simply never got back to it.

After my workout, I took Katrina to seminary.  When I got home we did family scriptures.  I don’t remember exactly what I did then, but at 8:30 I jumped in the shower and got ready for work.  Went to work, ran over to Provo High to borrow lab coats from Christie, got home and ate some lunch, sent Bryan off to UVU for the district science fair, went to pick up Katrina from school.  Worked on the word sheets for this weekends conference, then drove over to Orem for a session of acupuncture.  Went to UVU to check on the kids and be there for the awards ceremony.  They did well, and advanced to the next level, which will be held at BYU in March.  I guess now the group needs to figure out if they want to do more testing and beef up their project, or if they are content with what they have and they just keep it as it is.


I got home just after 9pm and instead of either going to bed early OR being productive on things that I need to get done, I wasted time on facebook (posting a “proud momma” science fair post and watching the “likes” roll in…) and watching dumb clips or news stories that came up on my phone…  I really should have just gone to sleep - you should have heard the argument going on in my head for 30 minutes this morning as I laid in bed, refusing to get up.  (finally was stern enough with myself and got up at 5:30.)

Oh well - I guess there are just going to be days like that - it is a bad habit I have, sometimes when I feel I’m going, going, going all the time…  I rebel by grabbing hold of a chunk of time and not “doing” anything that I’m “supposed” to do.  The trouble is, it is almost always at night - once everyone else is in bed, and it just ends up hurting me in the long run - cause I still have to finish everything I am putting off - AND now I’ll be more tired the next day!