Sunday, February 24, 2019

a busy weekend

wowsers!  it was a busy weekend.

I did get up early on Saturday, but instead of doing my miracle morning routine, I did research on possible addiction recovery resources that might help Aaron.  (I ended up having a long and honest conversation with Aaron on Friday night.  I don't really believe it was an accident, I believe it was totally the result of following a prompting by the spirit.) . I won't go into detail - because it was a LONG conversation, and it involved a lot of personal things, but while I became privy to information that I wish was NOT true, I am feeling grateful that we were in a place where we were communicating openly and honestly about hard things.  Where do we go from here?  I have no idea - but I am feeling confident that if I can do my best to stay in tune with the spirit, I will be better able to handle things calmly when they get thrown at me.

I was grateful to go to the temple yesterday, it was a crazy day when very little actually went as planned, but for that 2 hours, I got to enjoy the peace and perspective that the temple brings.

A moderately busy week ahead - probably busier than I am seeing right now, but nothing that should be super overwhelming.  Caleb had a fever and sore throat today, so I am hoping he feels better tomorrow, or I have to decide whether to keep him home or not.  Obviously, if he has a fever he will stay home.

Life is good.  I am grateful for my life and all the good things in it.